Komodo Aspen Bed Terrain, 12 Litre


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KomodoKomodo About Komodo

Komodo is owned by Happy Pet and is a world leading brand in reptile and amphibian care products. Based in the UK, Komodo has built its reputation on delivering responsible reptile care, with an ever expanding range of ethical, well researched products for reptile keepers at all levels, from novices and hobbyists to breeders and professional herpetologists.

Komodo Aspen Terrain

No.1 Snake Terrain!

Aspen Bedding is the world’s most popular snake bedding, made of shredded wood from the Aspen tree. As a 100% natural substrate, it encourages instinctive burrowing behaviour, but more importantly holds its shape when burrowed into, allowing snakes to build their own den.

Suitable For;

Corn Snakes Kingsnakes Royal Python Milk Snakes Other Burrowing Species


A Completely Natural Solution

Komodo Aspen Bedding Terrain is recyclable in a garden, compost bin or green waste bin. Aspen bedding provides a naturalistic look for pet enclosures and terrariums, while being ideal for creating arid environments. Aspen bedding is a light colour which makes it easy to spot clean daily.

Creating the correct environment for an individual species is vital for promoting their natural behaviour. Whether they require an environment which is arboreal, terrestrial, burrowing or they need a humid or a dry habitat, Komodo substrates have been chosen with a specific species in mind.




Natural BehaviourNatural Behaviour

100% Natural Aspen

All Komodo substrates come from completely renewable sources


Sustainable and recyclable by composting after use


Reduces the release of ammonia which helps to reduce odours

Encourages Burrowing

Holds it shape when burrowed into and promotes such behaviour

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About Happy Pet

Pet health, happiness and wellbeing is our passion and we make sure that every pet product we create is perfectly crafted and constructed to support the natural instincts and unique lifestyle of each animal.

Winning international acclaim as one of the most innovative companies in the pet industry, we design and manufacture over 2000 high quality pet toys, collars & leads, beds & housing, food & treats, grooming tools, clothing and travel accessories.

With over fifty years of international pet trade experience, we are privileged to work as commercial partners with leading pet retailers and distributors across the world. We reliably deliver our products to over 10,000 pet stores, online retailers, garden centres, DIY and grocery chains worldwide.

Worlds most popular snake bedding
A 100% natural substrate
Encourages natural burrowing behavior
Has a aspen bed terrain 12lA
100% natural substrate, it encourages natural burrowing behavior, but more importantly holds its shape when burrowed into, allowing snakes to build their own den
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Customers say

Customers like the versatility and softness of the bed. They mention it’s ideal for corn snakes and king snakes, and is gentle on their skin. They also like the service, quality, and value. However, some customers have mixed opinions on dust, appearance, and size.

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Komodo Aspen Bed Terrain, 12 Litre