Get A Free Sample Of The TENA Lady Range Of Urinary Incontinence Products UK

Looking to get a free sample of the TENA lady range of urinary incontinence products UK to feel secure from involuntary urine leakage? TENA UK offers free incontinence samples for a variety of TENA Lady pads and pants, you may select according to your need from the following TENA free samples:

  • TENA Lights
  • TENA Discreet Mini, Mini Plus & Normal
  • TENA Extra & Extra Plus
  • TENA Silhouette Normal Low Waist Noir (Medium and Large included)
  • TENA Silhouette Plus Creme (High waist incontinence underwear)

Grab your TENA sample UK today, the free sample will be delivered in a discreet package to your home; T&Cs apply, entrants must be 18 or older, images for illustration purpose only – best of luck!